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Bad Construction

worker_crack_splattersurrieThe above picture is not to imply that workers that have trouble keeping their pants up do bad work, only that cracks can occur on the job even before the job is completed.

Puns aside, over the years I have been asked to repair a wide variety of building components.  Some are  cosmetic in nature and others severe enough to  require immediate structural remediation. I have invested considerable time over the past two decades in continuing education in building structures and technique and I bring that expertise to all my jobs.

existing support for header at exterior wall b
Header only supported by toe nails on one side. This freaked me out. The previous contractor was obviously fired.
Electrical lines run in garden hose.
'Actually Sir, only 3 are necessary'
‘Actually Sir, only 3 are necessary’ This is a door I re-hung and repaired the machine gun screw job.

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