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Accessibility Modifications

Typical tract home bathroom transformed into wheel chair accessible shower room.Not many people build homes with aging in mind.  As we get older we may need to have more accessible bathrooms.  This may simply mean having sturdy grab bars in bath/shower area or much more extensive changes.  These changes could include barrier free showers, accessible doorways for wheel chairs etc. To the right is a typical tract home bathroom remodeled to provide access for a mobility compromised occupant.

Most older homes only have 30″ doorways for bathrooms. Even though some may have 32″ doors, a wheel chair needs 34″ for ease and safety of hands in passing.  A full blown ADA renovation requires increasing the passage area for doorways as well as providing wheelchair accessible work spaces.  Below is an apartment I renovated for the University of Monterey Bay.  The management company wanted the most basic transformation with no added extras, so the finished product is quite utilitarian but it worked for their needs.

barrier free shower in Gridley
Barrier free shower in Gridley


Here is a bathroom ADA modification  I did in Gridley with a little more flair:  The walls and floor are water proofed before installing the tile. The entire room below the wainscoting could be washed down with a hose on a continual basis with no damage to house wooden structure.  As with the bathroom above in chico, this bathroom was a typical middle bath measuring only 5×9.





2012-01-31_16-45-09_273Accessibility does not only apply to the interior of a home.  Here is a deck I added to a home in Chico to create some outdoor living space.