Design Services

Initial basic design services are free.  You can receive a 3D view of your prospective project in a color 3D rendering based upon your ideas and choice of materials.   This takes most of the guess work and stress out of making expensive changes to your home.  Most big box stores will give you a line drawing like this:

typical line drawing of cabinet design for kitchen
typical line drawing of cabinet design for kitchen

This is what that same design from Chileab Construction would look like:

Chico island kit 3D drawing
3D drawing of proposed kitchen

And the finished kitchen built to the specs of that design:

Chico island kit final pic
Finished kitchen

Below are some examples of 3D drawings for consideration on projects and their respective finished project pictures.

Here is an example of just what these drawings can allow in choosing different materals:

(gallery content coming soon 8-1-2015)